Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2K, but not Y2K

Today's pack introduces another one of the inserts, and some more new base cards.

Men from different times, but that started similarly in some ways. Reigns was the quiet power of the shield while Warrior was sheer energy and power when he started.

King Barrett here is a 2K16 insert (one of the eight cards). Looks like you get 4 per 24 packs, so we will call the odds at 1 in 4 packs on that one.

Hair changes! So let's see...Baron shaved his head (and looks much better for it), Seth lost the blonde look (and looks better for it), and the Miz luckily got rid of the hair style and colour (and is also much better for it.

Well, John's hair style at least didn't change too much (until recently with movie roles), but time sure does fly!

We end with one of the Divas of the time - Eve - who never really did it for me, she was just kind of there when not too many were.

3 packs, 27 cards, 85 points.

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