Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Pre-Diva

Well - actually, we can talk about two....

Alundra Blayze was ahead of her time as far as characters, and push, go. She would fit decently into the women's wrestling currently. A shame she didn't get the opportunity back in the day, but it was ahead of the time, though I remember some of her battles with Bull Nakano.

The other woman ahead of her time - Miss Elizabeth. The way she carried herself of such a lady, I know some say she was the first diva, but I'd say she was even too good for the term diva, but can understand the sentiment.

Nice - like the bronze parallels, even of Virgil.

I hope Dana gets a chance to improve and into good programs with the likes of Sasha, Charlotte, Bayley, etc - I think she could surprise well if given the chance.

8 pack, 56 cards, 171 points.

Might as well end with more recent divas from the diva era...

A couple Listia wins with Aksana, who never had much chance to make it, and one of the diva era top divas, like it or not, Nikki.

Needs are needs and these be needs.


  1. Can't see a card of Miss Elizabeth without thinking of her days with the Macho Man... as well as her sad passing. She was way too young.

    1. She deserved so much better - much more time in her life, definitely passed too soon.