Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Dream Continues

I guess it is appropriate that, given I got the bronze parallel of the Dusty tribute card, that today we follow up with an insert of the man...

It is cards like this that remind me of watching wrestling in my childhood - and reminding me how old I am getting. I remember SummerSlan 1989 for this match and the title victory by Dusty. Looking back at his WWE career, I don't know if they were trying to make the run for Dusty difficult with the big polka dots, compared to the more serious son a plumber in WCW, but he did well despite the character.

This also means we have met the odds for the box - 1 in 6 pack odds for the Dustry Tryibue, ROck Tribute, Roddy Tribute and Immortal insert, so will be interesting to see if I get another (really, there should be maybe one more given the odds).

Our Wrestlemania roster insert is half of The Bar!

With the base cards, I actually pick up a duplicate with the Finn Balor card. I didn't have too many of the base cards, but this was one.This was during his rise and run to the NXT title.

6 pack, 42 cards, 136 points.


  1. I think a wrestling card of a match ending in a no-contest is a sad thing.

    1. No contests have their place - at least it wasn't a Wrestlemania match, but agree that, not sure what the excitement is for it being on a card.