Monday, May 20, 2019

Dab it up

I had completely forgotten that this card was in the set...

Back when the set was new, I think I saw the card a couple times and thought is was a nice "different" card - though would be horribly dated. Well, about 2 years later and both players are no longer with Toronto and the whole dabbing thing has come and The Floss still a thing people care about?

Still - happy to get the card, and like the red alternate uniforms.

The rest of the base...

Altuve is a nice pull with his All Star Game card.


A nice All Rookie Cup card - Topps recreating the front of the rookie card, and putting a different back on it (including the word REPRINT to ensure no one gets fooled without being a fool I guess.

7 Packs, 70 cards, 225 points.

1 comment:

  1. It's funny that Topps would celebrate a Rookie Cup card (1998 Topps) that was originally released six years after his actual rookie card (1992 Topps Traded) came out. Glad they included "reprint" though... just in case someone wanted to run a scam ;)

    As for the "Dab"... I have a few kids who still do it. I wanna say the last time I saw a kid do the floss was at the start of the school year.