Saturday, May 11, 2019

The great packs finally end at the end

With the last pack of the second blaster, finally end up with an all base repeat pack.

Unfortunate, but not going to complain really.

At least the parallel is new for me with the nice bronze JYD and the insert also...

Now this was a great rivalry in NXT. With Bayley on the way up to the main roster and Asuka getting into cementing her long winning rain in NXT, was very one sided, but still a great rivalry.

10 Packs, 70 cards, 196 points

Tomorrow we get the bonus relic pack which will make or break this box.


  1. Loved the Junkyard Dog. And congratulations on pulling another beautiful Asuka card.

    1. JYD was a fun one as a kid - I think in part because he seemed to be having so much fun himself. Asuka does make for some nice looking cards.