Sunday, May 5, 2019

Oh the horn

Well, if I had to pick a single card to represent what my kids like about New Day - it would have to be this one.

The unicorn horn appeals to my 5 year old daughter who loves everything unicorn, and the humour and fun of the group is what appeals to my 8 year old son. I don't mind them either. I enjoyed them more the first year or two of their run, but just because I find them a bit stale, doesn't mean a break up is a good thing. It's like John Cena never turning heel, just doesn't make marketing or dollar sense regarding the merchandise, if nothing else.

As for the rest of the base cards...

Man, I have been waiting for that Tom Phillips card (yes, I am being sarcastic), but again, they are all new base cards so it's a good day, yes it is.

All the inserts/parallels were new too:

I must have packs from the print run error of a slightly off name on the NXT card inserts. Still, not a big deal an they work just fine for me.

A snazzy bronze AJ is cool too.

4 Packs, 28 cards, 81 points

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