Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another Judge

Another base card Judge. Not really a surprise that they got three different Aaron Judge cards into the Update set because he was such a breakout star of course. I'd go back to the last few packs, but no surprise they seem to be Yankee heavy in general - at least feels that way at this point.

Third MVP Award Winner insert from the box. Chipper is one of those guys that seems to get the love for Atlanta - not undeserved - I just know I have had a few inserts of his in the last while...maybe it is just me - kinda like Sergei Samsonov in hockey - just seem to see his inserts every now and then.

This confused me. As first I wondered why a series 1 card showed up in the Update set, but then I read and apparently it wasn't enough to have some variations within series 1, Topps thought it a good idea to put some more out there as inserts in Update.

Well - it's something different, I will give them that.

6 Packs, 60 cards, 196 points.


  1. Wait. A Series 1 variation card inserted into an Update pack? My brain hurts.

    1. Yeah....I didn't know it had gotten to such things...wish I still didn't know...