Thursday, May 9, 2019

Another insert set completed

I started the year off happily getting a number of wrestling sets completed to start the year with an awesome package from RAZ. Today, I finish an insert set out of 2016 Now Then Forever WWE Wrestling cards, all coming out of the two blasters I picked up from Dave and Adam's last year.

Hideo here completes the 15 card NXT Prospects insert card set. Never expected to be able to simply complete one of the insert sets, but hey, I'll take it!

All these again, are base card needs and brings the set up to 74 cards - might nicely crack 80% with the last couple packs.

We finish with a car to show this is a Baron Corbin hot pack between his rookie card from the base set, and this NXT rivalries insert.

8 Packs, 56 cards, 166 points

Before leaving today, a quick PWE to share which knocked more than half the wants out of a set I am slowly working on. This came by way of a PWE trade with AirPete.

1990-91 Score American. I had about 40 cards needed and am now down to a mere 14 cards left. Not sure if I needed the Leaf cards, or if this was needs for the Leaf collection, but either way works, and it was a great trade!

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  1. I'm so used to seeing Sundin in a Maple Leafs jersey... I completely forgot that he started his hall of fame career in Quebec. Nice rookie card.