Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Damien Sandow probably did better for himself than his ability should have allowed. He was extremely entertaining once paired with The Miz and started studying and mimicking him. 2015 was a good point in that angle, and I guess they were going with that on the cards as well.

As you can see, the pose for both is pretty similar. Good use of the photo to push the angle (though it may well have been just by luck it turned out this way).

The Naomi base card here also better shows her look once she was called up to the main roster, rather than the NXT call up card a couple days ago.

Insert keeper...

It's a pre-New Day Big E!

We then end with the insert dupes...

The Blade Runners reunited! Way back at the start of their careers in wrestling, Ultimate Warrior and Sting were a tag team. Obviously they split and had great individual singles careers - but funny sometimes how people start out.

6 Packs, 54 Cards, 130 points.


  1. Gonna have to check out Youtube to see if there are any videos of Sting and Ultimate Warrior teamed up together out there.

  2. I'm not usually the sort to ask about something's availability, BUT is that Kamala a duplicate by chance?

    1. Nope - just have the one. If I get another - it's yours.

    2. Okay, thanks for the future consideration though :)