Tuesday, May 14, 2019

2017 Topps Update Baseball Blaster

Another day. another Dave & Adam's Blaster pickup...

So we get 101 cards in a box - 10 packs, 10 cards each, and one commemorative relic card. Well, not really as far as I go since I pull...

These two for the unopened pack collection. Man, the commemorative relic is heavy - which makes sense, it's some kind of metal like material so, a bit weighty.

So, to recap the scoring of these boxes...

Base card - 1 point (yes, all cards get a point)
Base card need - 2 points
Base variation card - 20 points
Base card Toronto card - 5 points
Base variation Toronto card - 50 points
Insert Card bonus - points based on odds - if 1 in 4 - worth 4 points, double if a Toronto card

Also, going into this box, I only have 1 card of the 300 card set, so should be much new for me.

Pack 1:

A bunch of new base cards - no surprises there.

A Topps Salute insert (every 8 packs) and an MLB Network Insider card (one in 24 packs). Not a big fan of the MLB Network Insider cards - does someone other than a master set collector, really want these? Well, still an insert so I am keeping it, but don't really get the attraction on this set.

A great start though...

1 Pack, 10 cards, 48 points.

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