Monday, March 11, 2019

Canadiana and some KD

Let's take a day break between blaster boxes and open another one of these...

Lots of Canadian team content today, so let's start with the Jays...

Have to enjoy getting another error card that is a Jay. I guess I can see with the font why the q would look like a g. Might have actually needed another copy just for the error binder too.

Hard to tell by the scan, but this is my first Tiffany (or glossy) version out of 1989 Topps Traded. I like this version, nice an sleek gloss and frankly, better than the matte front, but I doubt I will see many.

The rest of the keepers...

Nice reaching back to 1982 Donruss, and also a 1985 Donruss as well. The typical nice variety spanning about 30 years in cards, and also coming away with a few "junk year" needs as well. As I mentioned, a nice bit of Canadian team content with a couple Expos here.

Going to the dupes...

Even in the dupes, a couple more Expos. With only 30 cards, I don't know that I would have expected this many Canadian team cards - probably one of the best packs as far as that goes, that I have ever opened.

Separately, I picked up a lot of Kraft Dinner hockey cards (1989-90) off Listia for less than postage. They are somewhat poorly cut, but I am not going to be too picky since they are new additions and food issue.

I really picked it up specifically for the Leafs, but they are all good. I don't need dupes of the non-Leafs though if anyone is interested.

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