Sunday, March 24, 2019

More gold

Another day, another pack of Champs.

The more I see of these, the more the design is starting to bother me a bit. With the white out effect, the cards just look a lot more alike. Just goes to show how having the background really makes a difference to the overall look of the card. I think the card is great for autograph purposes, with the white out at the legs, but otherwise, too much.

Even the gold bordering does stand out so much more with the white otherwise. Also, as much as I like the space on the back, just squeeze full career stats in on the back. I'd rather have 15 years of stats than 5 lines and a fact that I may have known for someone in the league 15 years.

Colour! May not be the pretties jersey, but the colour is welcome for design purposes. Ah, and the mark of a good cardboard card - looks like a stain of some kind on the back, middle right.

We end with a good example of my point above - Williams having been in the league since the early 2000, career stats would be awesome rather than the 5 year mark. Should have gone with a different (see - other than white) uniform for the picture though.

3 packs, 18 cards, 55 points.

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