Thursday, March 28, 2019

When it rains...

I guess it might be more appropriate to say when one Leaf falls, more usually follow.

Not only another Leaf base, but a gold front parallel as well ina  six card pack - definitely a win for me no matter the rest.

Here we have a high-ish number card....and end with the rest of the new to me base cards...

The Jason and Patrik cards are fairly similar on the front pose...I find a lot of the same looking shots when the backgrounds are whited out, but at least Cam stands out with the vibrant Oilers uniform.

7 packs, 42 cards, 126 points.

Let's also share a quick PWE from wbaker01 with some Leafs and a Giant.

A really like the Andreychuk die cut, but also the Murphy because it wouldn't always be the easiest to find for a Leaf collection since he is in the Pens uni.

Ending with a single wrestling add - classic Andre the Giant.

A bit thanks for the trade!


  1. That Andre the Giant is awesome! I'd love to bust open a box of those early 90's Classic WWF trading cards.

    1. Andre was, in general, epic - just always had that "WOW" aura from how I remember him.