Saturday, March 30, 2019

Here's the auto

Just as simple as that, here is the autograph pack thankfully. As for what the auto is....I'll be a tease and save it to the end.

Always a fan of Kunitz as being a solid hand and good part of the Stanley Cup winners in Pittsburgh.

As for the rookie here - Emile, so far 8 games in the NHL over two seasons and a single assist in the big league.

Next up we have...

A medium sized catfish...catfish I have heard of, but specifically yellow bullheads - nope, not until today. See, this is what hockey cards (and inserts) should be...educational!


On card autographs are so much nicer than sticker (though I happily would keep both). This is one area that the design does help, because with the extra white space, it helps the auto pop on the card.

There you have it - the autograph promised for the box. As I mention, I think I have the two promised memorabilia cards as the final two packs...question is, what surprises do we get in between?

9 packs, 54 cards, 198 points.


  1. I was going to make a comment on how awesome that fish card was, but Skjei tops that for sure! Since they traded Zuccarello for magic beans, that makes Brady my favorite skater on the team.

    1. I assume you say skated because your favourite player is a certain goalie...

  2. One of my students is obsessed with fish. He loves drawing the Mexican hogfish and Pacific mackerel over and over. I'm gonna need to see if UD made cards for these two types of fish.