Thursday, March 7, 2019

Throwing the first pitch

No - I don't particularly care about Billy Joe here, and as far as stars go...meh....but I do like this insert set. The front design does well to document the who, where, when, what, without compromising the design.

As usual, a bunch of new base cards needed, but today includes....

My first Jays base card to come out of this box. Jesse had two short stints with Toronto and was in almost 50 games, but not a long term Jay by any means. Always nice getting some of the lesser known, short term Jays as they aren't top of mind to look out for.

Now THIS is pretty. As I have said, I really like this insert set. I also really like Tony this is pretty darn nice putting both of those together. It even overcomes the brightness of the old school uniform of the Padres.

That was all of the cards, but also got a duplicate ad....

7 Packs, 70 cards, 199 points.

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  1. I really liked the MLB Debut inserts but they'll likely be on the chopping block this organization..