Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What makes Champs different

So, since I of course broke down the different levels of short prints on base cards, I go and get a couple examples today with one being the one in five pack, shorter print, and one from the one every one and a half pack (I guess that's two out of every three packs). Though none of the almost shortest short print - a few end rookies are every 600 packs, a few more being the shortest printed at every 1,200 packs.

Jerry Potts here is an interesting character - an American Canadian who made his money in horse trade. Wikipedia has a longer verison of what is written up on the back of the card here. I hadn't heard of him prior, but very interest quick lesson on the man.

Pavelski is one of the "kinda" short print 2 in every 3 pack cards.

As for the rest of the new base cards...

A nice Flyers hot pack apparently, and not a bad little pack overall.

5 packs, 30 cards, 86 points.

I'll end today by tacking on another recent PWE trade. Today's with Hilochef from TCDB. I actually already have another trade on the go with Hilochef as well. So let's take a look at the Jays...

As you can see - a bunch of relatively new Jays, and all needs. I don't generally buy new cards, so since getting back into collecting, trading has been my way to go to get the newer set Jays.

As a side note - I need more Stadium Club Jays...so pretty.

Big thanks for the trade - as always, much appreciated!


  1. Wow. They have short prints that fall one in every 1,200 packs? Putting together this set is gonna be tough.

    1. Definitely gets into the "extreme challenge" zone with those odds.