Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Other Queen

In this pack of 2021 Topps WWE NXT cards...

Shayna had an awesome NXT run, and like Keith Lee yesterday, I had very high hopes when she moved to the main roster. At first, it started alright, but she ended up being less of a tough guy. I don't know if Ronda Rousey coming in and being a female Brock Lesnar meant they didn't was Shayna to also play a similar role, so backed her down a few steps, but if so, that was a shame.

The Queen of Spades was kept near untouchable for a while, then dropped off - similar to what happened with Asuka. A great first push, but the follow up needed work to keep Shayna as a top echelon star. She deserves to be with a great work rate, move set and look that fits with her character.

There's JOHNNY!

Down to the last few packs. Cool the first two had the autographs, but minimum returns likely left in the three remaining packs - maybe a solid insert surprise to go though...

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