Thursday, April 14, 2022

Nox On Wood

 Going to focus in on one card in this pack, but of course show the rest...

Wait...have to comment again -these art cards are pointless and I really dislike as an insert here. That is all.

Now Tegan - we like! I think the only other NXT star the last few years I would put ahead of Tegan on my fave list is Dakota Kai - which is apt given their feuds. Known for having the Shiniest Wizard, she was called up to Smackdown in 2020, had some tag matches with Shotzi, was drafted to RAW and then released in November 2021 before ever showing up on RAW. A shame.

Let's wrap today with something relatively new, especially for me...some kind cards from Sportscards From The Dollar Store as I was kind enough to be sent some dupes of Jays, and a couple other cards that fit my collection.

Can't go wrong with a solid retro design for Heritage this year, and bonus marks for the very different poses by Ray in the two cards. That smile is almost unnatural though...kind of spooky or creepy really....

We even get a couple Leaf cards too, sweet! It being April I was a little slow getting a few cards back out, but did send a small PWE and will probably send another when we are into May as a thank you for the great additions to my collection!

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