Friday, April 29, 2022

Almost there...

 Just a few days left until the busy times are done, so let's finish up with some more Magic repack cards as this should be a decent but quick go through today and tomorrow.

A decent start with a keeper in the Bronze Sword. A newer card given it's just from 2020 which is probably why I don't yet have 4.

Never really like seeing basic lands in these, but an Omega Myr (my second) from back in 2003, works for me.

Some cards seem to be in almost every one of these repacks - Queen if Ice definitely fits into that category.

Another solid pick up with Ulamog's Despoiler.

Though that's about it for this half. ABout part for the course for me in these - a bunch of cards but only keeping a handful or less. I think these may be the last repurchase Magic cards I bother with as I might as well just pay for what I want directly from 401games instead and get more for my $4.

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