Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Back When

 I was going to do an all back post, but then saw this card come out...

The Miz was so young! I know, 2006 was 16 years ago, but it sure doesn't feel like it to me. Heck, my wife and I got married in 2005, and that feels like yesterday - kids definitely help making the time seem to fly by too.

Miz was so young and obviously trying to find himself in doing what he obviously loved to do, but painfully trying to fit. It worked out through some trying pains like hosting the Diva Search, though he did find Maryse there for himself, so it worked out for him anyway.

Obviously a sticker card back, so the rip card looking back fits the overall design well.

I can understand the sticker back not having any write up or "card like" information on it, but the A&G backs are lazy. I mean, thanks for telling me what card I got, but why not tell me something about the wrestler. Heck, even if it's basic stats like height, weight, hometown, date of birth, I'd be cool with that.

No surprise that the backs of the base cards are similar to the 1990 Topps backs. Nice little box for the show logo, the black and white box border at the bottom, bright yellow background. I have one complaint - why are the details in the white box so small? Couldn't you crank it up a couple points in font? Us legally blind people like to be able to read this info to you know!

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