Friday, April 15, 2022

Seeing Dollars

 Just two packs remaining from the 2021 WWE NXT, so let's see what we have to talk about with the cards today.

Not exactly the face off you'd expect to see, but Balor/Kross was a good match up, and I don't mind seeing Scarlett.

I have come around on Cameron Grimes over the last year or so. He's been okay, but the work with the Million Dollar Man was solid and I started to enjoy the work as I think he was enjoying it as well. Still - not sure his success beyond NXT.

I've talked about Drake before and how he made his own success in getting another run with WWE and in NXT, give the man credit for keeping up with what he loves to do.

Balor and Owens in NXT was an excellent feud, and the Demon appearances were always kept to a special attraction level, which was enjoyable without overdoing it. Wish they could bring that balance with Finn's main roster runs, but it didn't quite seem to hit the stride properly there.

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