Saturday, April 23, 2022

Hello Bay Bay!

 Now this is a solid pack!

I still hate the name, and will still call her Piper Niven.

Lacey was off most (amybe all) of 2021 due to her pregnancy.

I was really looking forward to the HBIC (Head Baddie In Charge being the PG moniker) finding a place on the main roster. I figure with her skills and personality, she'd make it, but again, by the end of 2021, she was released.

Oh Bay Bay, why did you have to go? Still, has been AEW's gain as Adam has continued to hit it out of the park in the ring.

Absolute perfect shot for the genius of the sky, Io Shirai. Many wrestlers have a tendency to be either better faces or heels - Io should definitely always be a heel, specifically playing the crazy role, she does it well.

A whole lot of fierce in this pic of Becky. Love it.

And backing that backside up to end....yikes!


  1. That Io Shirai card is about as good as it gets in regards to photography.

    1. It would make a good little collection - aerial move card.