Thursday, April 28, 2022


So, it's good to be busy at work. I mean, job security, enjoying what you do, etc. Boy has it been busy. This is hands down the busiest busy season I have been through in the 20 years I have been doing it. I mean, between staff shortages and significant growth, it's just been a tight stretch to get everything done. Heck, last week I work 100 hours - thank goodness I was able to do it remotely, or I just wouldn't have slept all week.

So glad May is almost here!

Last pack of cards in the 2021 WWE Topps Heritage blasted, and we sees the Queens...but first...

Really enjoying Bobby's run with WWE this time, though it took a bit to get him on track.

Other than WWE pushing a little hard at times on upping her titles, Charlotte does have all the tools and is a great heel, like her dad. 

Just....that Sean Waltman definitely doesn't have hair like that anymore. 1-2-3 Kid was a good storyline against Razor Ramon and picking up his first big win. Not sure if Sean had a thing for the number 6 before, but he kept the theme. When he went to WCW, he was Syxx, then coming back to WWE, it was X-Pac (get it - 6-pack?).

Not one Queen, but two! You can see the difference here between the base and the rainbow foil or foilboard card.

Not a bad pack at all.

Keeping with the wrestling theme, I was offered a trade by TCDB member martinchabot who has a number of wrestling cards. I don't want to buy at this point, so wait for a trade offer from him as he does like to sell, but if I have stuff he needs, he will trade. Got rid of a few sports cards in exchange for this...

A really nice SN out of 50 EC3 from NXT. This would be the blue parallel, and it is a shame EC3 didn't get a fair chance to success in the E, but he does succeed to make this card look like it should be in the top 1%.

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