Sunday, February 6, 2022

Down To One-ish

 We have seen some 1993 Fleer Final Edition cards recently, and had it down to 10, and here we have...

nine of those missing cards. So, the actual only missing card is F-211 Bill Krueger. SO, it may still show up in the last few hundred cards, but if not, should be an easy trade to make with someone. Besides, there are a few other cards like the Texas misprints and actually Hammond here, who has a ripple on only the back, that I want to replace as well. So 1-ish left.

Another bunch of 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage cards as well. Brings me up to 126 of 350 cards down for the set. Not sure there's much more I'll get here, but we shall see.

I was never a big fan of the Points collecting cards for mail in or exchange, but I do like when there is something more added to the insert-like card. Rather than just a points number, having a logo, or player like Owen here, makes a big difference and makes it much more collectible.

Always like an Eagle in blue and white, then the rest...

Don't think the Topps basketball cards have shown up before, so that's neat!


  1. Never seen that Owen Nolan before. It's very cool. That's the game where he called his shot against Hasek to pull off the hat trick. I'm still bummed he didn't receive the MVP award in front of his hometown crowd that day.

    1. AH - I remember that now too since you mention it. Should have gotten the MVP given the hometown factor.

  2. Fun fact...that card and it's two parallels are the only NBA cards ever issued for Terrence Rencher. I have the base and the Gold Electric Court which was one per box, yet I still need the regular Electric Court which was one per pack. He's an assistant coach somewhere right now but I don't remember where.