Monday, February 14, 2022

St. Mats

Yes, it is Valentines Day. I can appreciate it is a special day for some, and may not be the most special day for others - all depends where you are at in life, and that's cool and fine. Not going to dwell on it either way or the other, but will say-  if you have reason to celebrate it - make sure you do!

As for the cards today, we just get a visit from good ol' St. Mats!

Hard not to love Stadium Club cards. A perfect action shot of Mats coming around the net. The blue foiling is a different approach for the name and logos on the front, but it works alright. Not sure why the crossed hockey sticks dented into the cards was a thing, but it doesn't detract from the card.

Now, the curving on this is a bit excessive, but that should straighten out a bit once in the binder.

Even the simple pics like Owen Nolan, the quality of the picture, including the shadowing on the ice, just makes it a nice crisp card and photo - even where there isn't much going on in the photo.

To be clear, all of these cards are curved, but not in a damaged way, just likely to do with the different glossing on the front versus that done on the back.

More great shots here - I really like the Theodore one.

Bee Hive from 2003-04 is a nice looking set that I haven't seen much of at all in this lot, a bit of a shame, but it is what it is. Not goin to plan to necessarily collect the set, but would love to get the Leafs from the set.

Not too shabby for a day only getting a single keeper...just a lonely, single card.

Just not right on Valentines Day, but I'll introduce it to some friends to hang out with - no worries.


  1. Don't think I've seen that Stadium Club hockey set before. As usual... some really nice photography.

    1. It is classic Stadium Club for photo quality.

  2. Those are some clunky looking borders on that framed hockey set.