Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Gon With Rob

 A small PWE of only 4 cards, but I can still make this it's own post, I mean, every trade is important!

This one comes from TCDB member Trevor31416 who sends a Gon and a few Robs, all from the west coast in Vantouver..

It's funny - I know about the Young Superstar set (top right Rob card), but I think this is the first I have had in hand. Feels very early 90s in design, so no surprise there really, though the colour border design doesn't do anything for me.

My fave is the Alomar card, mid practice swing. You get a bit of a blur effect on the bat, and the double pic in the front with the squeezed black and white photo doesn't help, but still, a good photo, just don't need two.

A Gon also puts me one card away from the O Pee Chee team set I believe, and the last card may be on the way in another trade - can't go wrong with that!

Thanks for the cross Canada trade Trevor31416!

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