Monday, November 7, 2022

Unwrapping A Mystery

 I meant to share this when I picked it up - maybe 6-8 months ago, but didn't get to it. Had picked this up at Wal-Mart, but can't say I have seen it since...

If I recall, it was $20 which is overpriced if you remember the days of getting 10-20 assorted packs for about the same price, but maybe we will get lucky and have the extra pack or game used/auto card.

First question always is - any keepers for the unopened pack collection. Well, first observation is that I lucked out and got 5 packs instead of 4, so we are starting off well there.

The MVP pack is of the hobby variety, and a keeper as I only had a retail pack so far. The rest, well, nothing new on the outside, so I think I'll open those over the next few days as it's been too long since I opened a few packs.

As for the "10 cards"...

Well, a Leaf keeper, even if it isn't new. As for the cards, decent newer cards so can't complain there.

A couple set keepers as I am very slowly collecting (more - keeping) newer Upper Deck sets...some not all. As for the Game Used card - won on the luck lottery there too as these weren't every mystery tin either. Even better, if it isn't a Leaf, at least it's a Bruin, so I know where I can find it a home it will be appreciated.

A fun opening for the price, but will wait on judging it until we see what's in the packs I am opening....

A separate - not so mystery item I have to share, is my first in person TCDB trade. Sean_bren is a newer member on TCDB (well, he joined just after COVID started, so on a couple years), and he actually lives a 5 minute drive away, so he stopped by to swap cards. We don't have too much overlapping, but I told him he's always welcome to come by and go through my traders if he wants to flip through and see if there's anything else he'd want, but as it was, I gave up about 40 cards for a handful of nicer ones..well, nicer to me...

The short print Leaf Centennial card and a couple Leaf autos are wonderful additions. If I was ever going to have bought a case of sports cards, it would have been the Leaf Centennial set, since I'd keep every card, however, money could be well spent otherwise. I don't mind having 50 of each base card, but rather do that through trade.

As for the "base" 2017 Centennial set, I have almost 60 of the 100 short print cards, so still a bit to go there.

Thank you for the trade, and hope we can connect again in the near future!

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  1. I wonder how much of the twenty bucks the tin counts for?