Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Another Edge

First - a little late with a quick update, but it was a busy Christmas, and yesterday was a nice chill day of just staying away from everything and relaxing/resting.

Christmas at my mom's was interesting as her over decided to die mid turkey cook. Luckily, with help of a nearby over and helpful friend, all worked out just fine - dinner was just a couple hours later than expected.

As for cards and gifts...I did get my usual Tim Hortons packs from my mom - about 30 or so, including the binder this year which is cool. Received some Magic card items from my brother - though he doesn't know exactly what I collect, it's the thought that counts. I received a $40 gift card from my son, and a few Magic cards which were artifact related - though not all on point, the thought was amazing and appreciated. Will of course share through those things over time, but not today. Biggest get of the holiday was Santa getting be the replica WWE circa 2014 white Intercontinental Championship Belt. As one of the "stupid in price, not really needed, but really cool and wanted" things in life, I had wanted such a belt when I was a kid and promised that when I could afford it, I would eventually get one. With the house paid off, and everything being comfortable these days (for which I am grateful), glad Santa thought the time was now.

So, hadn't seen any of these Collector's Edge football sets before this COVID lot, and we have yet another pop up today.

As you can see, this is the 1992 edition, and the black border really makes the cards look sleek. Now, the cardstock itself is quite thin, though not at flimsy as I would expect, so....it's okay.

As with the other Collector's Edge sets that followed, these base cards are all serial numbered on the back, though the style is very early 90s, and not like the sleek numbering you see today. The backs are decent otherwise which is cool.

A number of the cards are actually in duplicate or triplicate, and I find it interesting looking at the numbering of the SNs. I assume it must have been from a number of packs or maybe a box that these came from, so you have some duplication, but I wonder how the collation worked when it comes to the serial numbers in the box or from pack to pack.

Regardless - trade fodder a plenty if anyone is interested!

Another day I get to end with a TCDB trade - today another with Eriqulous which covers some baseball and some hockey.

Somehow I only have one other 1985 Blue Jays team set cards. Well, at least 3 more here which is nice. A couple base card adds, and a few other random Jay needs covered.

Another nice Vladdy Jr. cards another great Jays additional here as well. It may be a bit surprising, but these 1990-91 Upper Deck hockey cards are all needs as well. Why? All those little hologram differences on the back as these are all the "comic ball" variety.

We end with a bunch of postcards, which are not something I will go out of the way to find and keep given their odd size, but hey, if they are offered up - all for keeping them!

A great trade, as usual, with another fab member of TCDB.

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  1. The Edge set still looks really sharp, it's shame that people don't ever talk about it anymore.