Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Back In Studio

It's always a good starting point when the cards I pull from a lot are for a set I am collecting. Today - 1994 Studio.

Over 50 separate cards, and these four are the only new additions, but that does bring me to 180 of 220 cards, so a good reason it's not more, is that I am getting fairly far along in the set. I can see why, at least for a couple of these, I may not have found them in lots yet since Doc and Fred, and even Danny, I can see as PC guys for some collectors.

Otherwise, the cards are mostly team sets for a few teams - those not pictured, but in my TCDB traders include Atlanta, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Kansas for the other couple...

By 1994, Oakland was no longer the dominant team that I remember as a kid, which was 1988-1993. You still had guys like Eck, Rickey and McGwire, but Canseco was gone. McGwire actually missed a good part of 1993and 1994, but even him back after, the team didn't turn it around until after he left in 1997 for St. Louis.

Speaking of St. Louis - can't think of that team without Ozzie when thinking 80s and early 90s. The 90s weren't overly successful, or overly poor, St. Louis was just "there" for many years. THough, the team may well be thought of for where this Joe Torre manager spent time before heading to New York, and some decent success (6 pennants, including 4 World Series wins in 12 seasons for the Yanks...not too bad I guess).

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