Thursday, August 10, 2023

Continuous Numbering

 The COVID lot today provides no cards for me, but a good discussion point.

The above cards are from 2 different releases, but numbered to be a single set. The 2000-01 Be A Player Memorabilia set and the Rookie & Traded set. Instead of having different numbering, the R&T set instead just continued the numbering of the original release.

This is similar to what is done with hockey sets still - a first series, second series though making up the "normal" release, and then the "extended" release, with all the numbering being continuous.

Personally, I prefer separate releast and numbering, kind of along the lines of the T use in baseball sets for traded sets by Topps - probably because this is what I remember as a kid collecting.

Most these cards are that box set release Rookie & Traded set, but you wouldn't know it without looking it up - would otherwise think the original release set was just bigger than it actually was.

Heck, there was a final update mail in redemption tacked on for almost 25 cards, but unfortunately none of those in the bunch today.

Things I wouldn't have known, and wouldn't have looked up, if it wasn't for cards in the COVID lot.

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