Monday, August 28, 2023

That's So mid-90s

 The COVID lot today provides about 270 cards from a set I have not seen before, but could tell at first glance, was from the mid 90s.

Here we have 1994 Score in all it's bright colourful mid 90s being. Now, that isn't specifically a complaint, just an observation as I am sure some will like and some will not. I lean a bit on the like side because it's just so 90s bright - reminds me a bit of the starting of Saved By The Bell with the colours and shape to the borders, etc.

The layout for the backs are just fine, and again bright colours, including the red. It definitely stands out.

No surprise that rookies get a subset, but my favourtie is...

The team checklist thing is fine, but having stadium pictures is a great way to do it - love it.

With a last subset, we get to the end of the cards. Definitely would be a good start for someone who had none of the set and was looking to start collecting it...just wrong sport for me of course. Can appreciate that many of the stars are here as well, so not all scraped out which helps too.

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  1. Definitely 90's colors. They certainly don't make them like that anymore.