Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Something Old and New But All Blue

 As promised, on to some of the Blue Jays coming from reader Oren, and here we cover some of the older and some of the newer.

Though 1989 Topps, 1911 Fleer, 1990 Upper Deck and 1990 Topps are a plenty, there are still some cards from the era I am missing. Well, the John Olerud 1990 Score Your Superstars card was one until getting it today.

Here are not only my first 2023 Topps Big League cards, but in spades as well. Never going to turn down the dupes, and definitely the newest cards that I have multiple copies of. The design is pretty solid - I like it,.

The backs are really nice too. Not, the foil short print base cards - I could do without the foiling, or have those as a parallel, but small point. Glad to get the Vlad cards, especially the only Jays insert for the 8 Bit Ballers, though would be funny (though maybe too Triple Play like) if Vladdy was done himself in 8 bit too.

Last up, a bunch of needs for the 2023 flagship Topps set. I actually like the design a bit less than Big League, but still very nice fronts, and some good photos as well.

THis is an amazing start, but still more from Oren in his package to me for tomorrow!


  1. I really tried to finish Big League. Now I think it's harder than Heritage to complete. Happy you enjoyed the additions, but I will respectfully disagree and say Flagship had the nicer design.

    1. It's why they make different designs, and at least one benefit - something for everyone! Celebrate the differences. :)