Sunday, August 20, 2023

Kid Sighting

 A bunch of baseball cards from the COVID lot today - a variety too...

I know - I shouldn't be as pumped to see a Mark McGwire card as I am, but regardless of the steroid impact which came after the fact, he was an amazing player to see. Sure, it was an enhanced physique, but the homers and the power were insane (though assisted). Glad to get him here as it's a base card I need, as is the 1988 O Pee Chee Maddux.

Heck, nice to get a couple inserts with Mo and Rafael from some mid-90s Collector's Choice. They remind me a bit of the Simpsons set from the early 90s.

I am no Bowman fan and am only actively collecting 2 sets - 1990 and 1911 - at the moment (foreshadowing as that will change next year). I know they are heavily printed sets, which is why I am collecting without much direct care. I figure the cards I am missing will make it to me eventually.

Even the traders here are pretty neat like Piazza and the Maddux card as well. Not too shabby a day.

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