Saturday, August 26, 2023

Classic Minors

 The good would be that, for a set I don't have any of the cards from, the COVID lot provided 344 of the 396 cards in the set, if I did want to collect it. Being a minor league set though, I quickly ruled that out, pulled the minor league Jays and Expos cards for fellow blogger Mike, and stuck the rest on my trade list.

1991 Classic Best isn't a bad set. I mean, the design is nothing too fancy as you can see, but was just fine for the time. You have some good star power, and the tie in of having the minor league team featured on the front is fine. As for the backs...

A nice easy nod to the MLB parent club with the logo, and unfortunately, a bunch of white space in many cases. I get it, but man, all that real estate, would have been nice to get something more in there either with stats or write up.

Hopefully I can get a few trades from these and help some others who collect the set, get closer to or maybe even finish it off in their collection. As for me...not a lot to say about it, or help for me unfortunately.


  1. I enjoyed this set. I wish they hadn't gone the glossy route in later sets.

  2. I never liked the look of these. The dotted line down the one side always makes me think that that's where you're supposed to cut.

    1. Now that you said that - I can't unthink it either!