Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Pour In From Oren

 Today I get the pleasure of starting through a recent package from reader Oren. The blind trade saw him get a 400 count (I think) box of hockey cards - mid 90s to early 2000s, and in return, I got some Leafs and Jays, so let's look at Leafs today.

Newer sets are always going to be new to me since I barely ever by new, so these 2022-23 Upper Deck base cards are all new additions. I really do like the minimal design/bordering on the front as it makes the photo the star as it were.

You would think these are just nice team adds for cards from early 90s Upper Deck, but between the different hologram variations and a few French cards, there's about 8-10 new variations for my collection in here which is more than I could have expected.

With all the different parallel colours for sets, they can't all be winners, and here you can see a painful one. Man, that yellow is bright and does nothing for a blue/white colour team like Toronto. It looks slightly better on Murray, but not much. Again though, the yellow are all new and a couple of the base too from the 2022-23 set.

A few fancier cards, which are all new to me. I have never though Prizm to be a pretty set, but at least the designs are pretty consistent year to year. Skybox Metal 2022-23 looks so much like the product from the mid 90s, that if you don't know the player, you would probably get them confused.

I wish that Young Guns design was done in blue, would look so much sleeker for the Leafs, but small point.

Jussi didn't do much in the NHL, showing up for 3 games with Toronto, 2 with Dallas, and that was the extent of his big league career. Can't win them all, as usual, with Young Gun sleections.

Oh, and if you like :hits"...

Stajan was underrated in Toronto, the card design makes for a nice add. A couple serial numbered "base" cards, and some excellent autographs. Brayden Irwin had a similar career to Jussi as Brayden only lasted 2 NHL games in Toronto and that was it. At least Frattin lasted about 130 games, mostly in Toronto over a 4 year or so career.

Beautiful cards, and will be put in the Leaf auto display. Amazing cards, and the Leafs were the lesser pile as we have a few days of Jays to share too!


  1. That's really cool how the 90s upper deck had all those variations. Glad they were new for your collection!

    1. Yeah - as a kid, never would have thought about the hologram variations, but now - it's just an extra layer of collectability!