Friday, August 18, 2023

Newer Old School

 Today's cards from the COVID lot are new(er), but reflect on either players or sets past.

Most of the cards are from the early 2000s, and we start with the C55 set, which I didn't think would provide anything for my collection, but as you CAN'T see, there are variations of a few cards. I didn't notice in time when I was scanning Forsberg, but his is the only one where I have both variations. I am not a big fan of base card variations, as it seems to just be a way to make chase cards that aren't really chase cards, but if it's going to just come to me, I'm going to keep it.

Parkhurst Retro with the old look, and we have one Leaf addition, though not new for me. I happen to have one, but here is my second Frank Mahovlich from the Fleer Legacy set.

Bee Hive and the woody design is easy to spot, and the throwback border is fine enough. The Parkhurst Original Six sets which each featured one of the original six teams, is very cool for what it is, just no Leaf additions for me here.

We end with a couple Mr. Hockey cards - and I find it nice that they actually put that as the name for Gordie. Some cards just reference the nickname in the write up, but cool to actually use it like his name on the card.

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  1. How do I not have that Hejduk in my 2/14 collection, but have both the Gaborik and its variation?