Sunday, August 6, 2023

Cards From Israel

 I am happy doing PWE trades on TCDB with people all over the world. I'm not likely to send a 400 count box each way, but as a PWE, I can be up for such trades, especially if there's anything a bit special to get from it.

Today, a trade with tinyzinterfere which covers some baseball and wrestling...

Okay, so variations from 1989 Donruss may not be "special" enough for an international trade, but I'll stick the reactive blue parallel from 2021 Panini Mosaic and Scope Prizm parallel from 2021 Panini Select in those as we have Semien and Ryu respectively with those.

I'll also stick older wrestling cards in that with Ross and Long fitting the bill from 2001 Fleer and 2010 Topps Platinum respectively.

2021 Topps is a wrestling set I wouldn't mind working to finish, but I never found a good price on a box or booster to get a but bite into it. Just one booster for a good start, but with the bloated (for wrestling) base set of 200 cards, it's a tougher go. Also, though there are some wrestling collectors on TCDB, it's definitely less than for the major sports, so can be harder to match up with people.

Here though, just plenty of thanks for tinyzinterfere for the great trade.

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  1. Wow, and here I think I'm all international making trades with you, but a trade to Israel? You got me beat there by miles!

    Thanks for showing off the fun trade. Reminds me I still need to work on '89 Donruss.