Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Pudge

I wasn'ty expecting to make this connection, but my collection of cards that I need to get to and share with everyone "pudged" out a little further with a couple items yesterday. I met up with local collector Scott who provided a bunch more cards, and I also received a great mailed package from Oren who I had sent off a box of ho0ckey (and bit of basketball) to in exchange for the blind trade.

Really looking forward to getting into those and sharing, though will probably take a couple weeks to "get there" for purposes of being on the blog, but wanted to give a first "big thanks" as soon as I could.

As for cards to share today, I saw this group of die cut cards from the COVID lot, and was hoping that meant they were a bunch of parallels. As it turned out, just the pudge...

If you wanted a solid catcher in the 90s, no need to look further than Rodriguez. Strong at the bat, and solid behind the plate. This die cut was a parallel in the 1994 set...however, things changed and the rest of the die cut cards are just base cards for the following year...

The start of the SP set was done this way for the prospect cards, and George Brett in the above as well, but I didn't need the metal/foil finish which just takes a bit away from the cards overall appeal to me. I get why they do it, but I just would have liked these cards better without.

At least one keeper, but no Jays in the prospect cards, so up for grabs if anyone s interested in them. I will say, the cursive writing of prospect and the name plate at the bottom are really nicely done and look quite regal.

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  1. Man, those cards were great when they came out. I still like the look of those SP cards.