Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Keep On Tops

 Sometimes we get a bit more focus in the cards from the COVID lot, which can be a good thing...

Okay, not the first cards out as 1999-2000 SP Authentic doesn't do anything for me other than provide a Bruins card I know where to re-home.

1990-91 Topps is great though, as I am able to add another 8 base cards to the set. Now, I hate to ruin this for anyone who will be bothered but, this set is another that has a micro-variation. If you didn't know some (if not all) of the cards have a variation for the copyright line which typically has a star with a C and a different one with a D. This is nothing to me, other than in my Leaf collection, but since it has to be bother me, it can now bother you too.

Also - I hate trying to tell cards from their Tiffany version like Richer here. I don't think he is the Tiffany version, but I wouldn't guarantee it.

I could see maybe liking collecting a Zenith set if I ever get enough to give me a start, but three cards won't cut it, so trade bait it is!

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