Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A dollarama Repack Day

Never a bad choice for a quick fix between boxes, let's take a look through 15 hockey cards picked up at the local Dollarama. As always, my hope is to at least pull a Leaf card...so let's see if I get one today...

With this, a winner right off the bat. Sure, this is my sixth copy of the card. I am sure I have more dupes of other Leafs or Jays but six is a pretty solid number.

As per usual, some dupes in the 15 as well...

No surprises. A shame the 1990 Pro Set card is the corrected version of Joe (there is a version with a misspelling of his last name on the front which I wouldn't mind getting). Also, minor league cards not being my thing put Woolley in here too

Happily plenty of new to me cards out of the 15...

Luckily I still need a bunch of early 90s cards...yeah, and lots after 2010 too...so these packs work out well, just like today.

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  1. Good looking cards. Don't blame you for picking these packs up.