Friday, June 7, 2019

Didn't you know

Oh D--O-double G, how you have done much better post in ring career. Not to take away from what he accomplished in the ring, most of which was as part of a great tag team and the DX stable, but by his own admission, his life was reckless then (a great Table for 3 on the network - check it out - with Jeff Jarrett and Elias I believe).

He moved to backstage, and more importantly has really done well to clean up his life, or so his story goes, and great on him for doing so.

It's like he was able to have a life revivial of sorts....

Still think the revival did tons better in NXT than the main roster.

Today's dupes...

Bulldog, yes....Dillon, yes....Nasty Boys....meh, not really - maybe legend related to the hardcore, a legend you may not be...but I guess those who write the history get to choose.

6 Packs, 42 Cards, 61 Points.


  1. They basically label any retired wrestler with the Legend tag now..
    Though, I do like listening to him on Aftermath.

  2. The New Age Outlaws are one of my favorite tag teams of all-time. Love their "oh you didn't know" intro. Good times.

    1. Yes...quite an iconic phrase - very catchy intro.