Sunday, June 23, 2019

Winding up

A great way to start the final pack from this box, a rookie parallel of Bayley. My daughter approves of this card.

Another nice new insert. I remember watching this show, and it was a good one. Big Show seems like such a great gut outside the ring, nice, great personality, and a good story teller. I highly recommend watching this one for anyone who hasn't, even if it is a couple years old.

The base card keepers - though another reason to question Normal as a legend...

Funny, we get both parts of the Roode and Gable tag team in the dupes.

10 Packs, 70 Cards, 156 Points.


  1. The “great gut” typo is a Freudian slip for the ages! He really is a good storyteller though...if you’ve never heard him describe his first kiss, seek it out.

    1. lol - yes it was...I am so leaving that one as is (obviously meant great guy though...).

  2. That's a good photo of Bayley. Good cards.