Thursday, June 13, 2019

Dollarama Hockey

Today, a quick 15 card hockey pack from Dollarama to take a look through.

We start with a Phil Bourque error card - probably to be the highlight of the pack. Just a misspelling on the city of birth, but still counts!

I really like the Stevie Y card. This is a set I have actually finished, and part of the reason is the crisp photography, and great cardstock.

Another Signature Series card, but at least no issue on whether this is an error - it's perfectly fine. More "junk" era cards - though I don't need any Bowman, others from that time are still needed.

We finish with the newer cards. A decent enough design on the Between The Pipes Be A Player set. These are not my faves, but at least it stands out as being different.

Bobrovsky in a nice Parkhurst design, and nice pose.

Not a bad little pack with an error to highlight.

These are always fun, but tomorrow we start the second to last Dave & Adam box from what is now almost a year


  1. Pretty cool cards. I like these little dollar treats. Those Upper Deck art checklist cards are always great and I like those goalie cards.

  2. I'm with Bulldog. I'm a huge fan of those early 90's UD team checklist cards with the amazing artwork.