Thursday, June 27, 2019


I remember when this set came out, reading about these inserts on the blogs. It is definitely an interesting take - Dudes of the world. Here we have German Cyclist Dude. Love the vintage picture with the vintage design about a vintage time - goes together so well.

The other insert is from the What A Day inserts - which obviously highlight great single day achievements like the cycle hit by Freeman here.

As for the base...

Not going to go wrong with getting a Derek Jeter card of any kind. Not a fan of the Yankees, but with him retired, can still be a fan of the man - Jeter was a great player and guy, who happened to play the game of baseball.

We end with a rookie card and short print base card. Lopez started with the Nationals before heading to the White Sox and has been getting some big league time.

2 Packs, 12 cards, 41 points.

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  1. Jeter. Goldschmidt. Freeman. Solid pack. The German dude is a nice bonus.