Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Where there a Dash, a Dawson Follows

Seems to be a theme of just picking up a couple new base cards for each pack. Just the other day, got the Dash base card, only fitting to get the other half of the Revival tag team today.

As The Miz is one of my faviourite wrestlers these days, more than happy to get his base finally as well.

Actually, speaking of tag teams - here is half of The Good Brothers in bronze form. Not sure they made as big as a splash as they could have when they came into WWE, but they did seem to be having fun at least.

As for the dupes....

The Titus will be useful to ensure I have an extra of his to go with the autograph I have of his.

6 Packs, 42 Cards, 95 Points.


  1. I cracked open my blasters of 2015 WWE Heritage. If you've created a wantlist, let me know which cards you need and I'll set them aside for you.

    1. Will send you a list - my set is only about half way there.