Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Failed Adventure

 From the random pack pile, a one off of Magic cards, the D&D inspired set...just hunting for wabbits....I mean artifacts.

Well, a disappointing start with the common cards. I swear, the Beholder cards seem to be in every pack.

Even with the uncommon and rare...not a single artifact. Heck, not even a keeper land. Last hope - was the rare at least worth something?

Well, I could pick it up for $2.50 at 401games. At least it isn't a bulk rare, but nothing to light the world on fire.

Not a winning back for me, and I know I have other packs of Magic which will guaranteed, be much better.


  1. You'd be hunting wabbits if it was a Magic Looney Tunes set lol

  2. The White Dragon looks pretty cool... and overall the art does remind me of the art I'd see on/in D&D books back in the 80's.