Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Hockey Happenings

 As we continue to wind down with cards from the COVID lot, we get a nice variety of cards, but not a whole lot to keep.

Solid star power in the cards today. Roenick, Gaborik, Koivu - not too shabby at all.

Always appreciate a good newer card of an older star, but still nothing for keepers until...

A short print Peca and Bobby Hull being a need for 2006-07 Parkhurst.

Nice and good, but my favourite part of the cards today - seeing Teemu and Kariya together in cards. They were a great duo and their time really made the Ducks something to watch early on in the franchise.

Not sure we are going to get any more big accomplishments before finishing through the lot, but still a couple weeks of cards to go - should be through at the end of April....getting close though, just like getting close to the end of busy season, thankfully!

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