Saturday, April 13, 2024

Time To Play The Game

 Another typical pick up to catch up on my Magic cards from 401 Games 

We have the first set going back to a single booster (play) from the draft / set split types. Of course we still have the collector booster as well. The Clue inspired set is...alright, but nothing that draws more attention from me. Let's look at some colorless artifacts and lands from the set - might as well pick up some singles...

Many more lands that produce colorless mana in this set than I have seen in a while.

Nit a surprise to have a lot of clue tokens in a set with the Clue theme. I should have scanned the backs as there is a scene that goes across the Clue cards when put together side by side - very nice.

No "big" cards in the bunch, but it does knock some of them off my list on, essentially day one. I do try to avoid more expensive cards right away as MOST bounce down before going back up. Not all but a good enough strategy overall.

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