Saturday, April 20, 2024

More Hull

 I guess after seeing a bit of him yesterday, the card gods decided to show me more Hull today 

At least the retro 1992-93 O Pee Chee insert for the 25th anniversary, which uses the retro design, one card for each year, is really nice. At least they make it obvious the card is different from the original with the strip at the front bottom.

McDonalds cards I unfortunately already have, but a Leaf Limited Kenny I did need for my Leaf collection.

Wow, a couple more Leaf cards makes this my best Toronto day in a while from this lot.

My real question is...why do I like Black Diamond cards so much, and Metal cards so little. I mean, they aren't THAT different really, but they are complete opposite sides of the spectrum as far as my liking them goes? Any agree or disagree with that? Any other similar sets that rub you in completely different directions?

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