Thursday, January 20, 2022

Collecting Flair

 No - not talking about Ric or Charlotte, but instead, 1994 Flair baseball.

With the bunch today, I am giving in and adding the set to my "collecting" list. I mean, the cards are so beautiful, and the thick cardstock, and glossy, and about the only issue I have with the front is the foil and script name being harder to read than it needs to be.

The double photo front can be a problem sometimes, and doesn't always work well, but for these cards, they almost always work pperfectly.

As there were a few dupes, let's flip those and take a look at the backs...

No write ups on the back, but full stats, done so as to minimally interfere with the photo, and a team logo placed well enough out of the way also.

I don't know - just all comes together well for my liking, so, let's keep at them!

Oj...the rest of the cards from the lot today, just some basketball...

A solid bunch overall though, so I'll take it!

Updated for pulling the prior Flair cards into keepers, and with about 20% of the set done now.


  1. I really like 90's Flair. Solid design. Thick, glossy card stock. Gold foil. Fancy packaging (in 1993 & 1994).

    1. High end that felt high end - well what was high end back in the day.

  2. I didn't like Flair when it was new. The design didn't didn't appeal to me at all, which was a good thing at the time since I wouldn't have been able to afford them even if I did like them. They've grown on me quite a bit over the last 25 years though, and now I kind of enjoy adding a few here and there to various player collections.

    1. I can say, back when they came out - never heard or saw them. Wasn't until getting back into collecting about 7 years ago, did I find out about the set.